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19th April, 2021
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19-04-21. I recently heard from Ion Newcombe at Antipodean SF, who wants to publish my new short-short story A QUINDECILLION OF CAIN in Issue 274…thanks Ion. I was also asked if I’d like to have CAIN appear on Antipodean SF Radio…with me narrating. I said yes. Thanks Ion (I think)…

To wile away the wait, I created the collage that heads this post. I’m not claiming it’s at the level of Max Ernst, but I quite like it, and it gives some clues about the story.

I started doing collages by accident, and then Daniel at Fugitives & Futurists asked if I could do one to accompany my recent story AND LIFE, ORBITING A MAIN SEQUENCE STAR, which is up at F & F.

I’ve since discovered that creating a collage really helps with story mapping and visualisation. So, instead of scribbling notes at that early stage, I more often start working on a collage to visualise the thoughts. You can see more of my collage attempts (including the full-size version of CAIN) at Instagram.

And finally, Alienist Manifesto will be publishing my short-short text AMERICAN ATAVISM, WITH BLOOD AND EXCREMENT II in Alienist # 10 in May-June…thanks people.