The website of UK writer Dan McNeil

Dan McNeilDan McNeil is a UK writer producing short fiction and reviews. His first story was translated and published in a German science fiction magazine; it was thereafter republished three times in English.

More stories and reviews followed, appearing in a variety of print and online publications, including Antipodean SF, Bewildering Stories, Fantastic Metropolis, Ink Magazine, Laura Hird’s Showcase, Mad Hatter’s Review, Outsider Ink, Redsine, Sein und Werden, The Short Review and Word Riot.

Resolutely ignoring (if not actively avoiding) genre pigeonholing, McNeil’s fiction melds surrealism, quantum physics, existentialism, science fiction, satire, cosmic horror and madness.  The observant reader may also detect subtle notes of deadpan humour.   Occasionally, the humour turns pitch black.

The end result is often unnerving, always distinctive and…McNeilian.

McNeil’s reviews are equally eclectic, with an unswerving aim to inform, enlighten and entertain the reader. Punches, however, are never pulled.

A selection of McNeil’s previously published work appears in the FICTION and NONFICTION sections of The McNeil Variations. A full bibliography can be found here.

The beating heart of The McNeil Variations is the BLOG; it contains mostly new (and occasionally remixed) fiction, reviews, essays and self-indulgent nonsense. Some of the artwork in the BLOG is by McNeil; a growing selection of which can be found on Instagram.

After a lengthy hiatus caused by an extreme aversion to making things up and then typing them out, two new stories from McNeil are now up at Fugitives & Futurists: ON THE MULTITUDE OF DISTRACTIONS TO BE ENCOUNTERED WHILE MAKING LOVE TO THE CAP DE L’HOMY PLAGE, together with AND LIFE, ORBITING A MAIN SEQUENCE STAR II.

In a few weeks, AMERICAN ATAVISM, WITH BLOOD AND EXCREMENT II will appear in Alienist 10 from Alienist Manifesto, while A QUINDECILLION OF CAIN will appear in Issue 274 of Antipodean SF. This story will also appear on the Antipodean SF Radio Show as a podcast…narrated by McNeil.

In so-called reality (that is to say, in the unreal world outside of his head), Dan McNeil messes around with trees.