The website of writer & artist Dan McNeil


Dan McNeilDan McNeil creates short fiction, reviews and art.

His first story was translated and published by a German science fiction magazine; it was thereafter republished several times in English.

Since then, McNeil’s fiction has appeared in a variety of online and print small press publications, including Alienist Manifesto, Antipodean SF, Bewildering Stories, Fugitives & Futurists, Full House Literary Magazine, Misery Tourism, Outsider Ink, Plutonics Journal, Sein und Werden, and Word Riot.

A selection of McNeil’s previously published fiction appears on the Fiction page, while you’ll find some selected reviews on the Blog.

New fiction will appear soon at IZ (Interzone) Digital.

A full bibliography can be found here.

McNeil recently started creating 2D digital artwork. Some of these pieces are inspired by his earlier fiction, others are inspiration for new work. A selection of McNeil’s artwork can be found on the Art page.

New artwork will appear soon at Interzone and Interzone Digital.

Some of McNeil’s artwork is available to purchase, and he accepts commissions. More information can be found on the FAQs & Contacts page.