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20th February, 2021
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psychopath n. person suffering from chronic mental disorder especially with abnormal social behaviour; mentally or emotionally unstable person; psychopathic.

story n. account of imaginary or past events, narrative, tale, anecdote; past course of life of person or institution; facts or experience that deserve narration.

Abstract: A new classification of psychopathic personality

J Savinien
Clinique d’Arcachon, Bordeaux

The personality profiles of 144 non-psychotic male offenders admitted to a secure hospital were subjected to a cluster analysis. Four profile types were generated, classifying four-fifths of the sample, and differences were found between the types in previous antisocial behaviour. Three of the types were identifiable as primary, secondary and dyssocial psychopaths, while the remaining type showed little resemblance to the concept of the psychopathic personality. The primary psychopaths were extroverted but not neurotic, while the secondary and dyssocial psychopaths were neurotic, but not extroverted. The primary psychopaths were charming and outwardly calm, while the secondary and dyssocial psychopaths were highly impulsive but distinguished by a dimension of sociability-withdrawal and tendency towards violence and low boredom threshold requiring thrill seeking.

(Académie française de la psychiatrie 339:74)

carnage n. great slaughter, especially in battle.

575443/A4/S3/99: Camera 3 – transcript of fatal RTA
Traffic Division, Thames Valley Police

A4 Slough-Maidenhead 16-08-99, 0953. Transcript report of observing officer…BMW M5 crossed westbound red light 8 seconds after change and impacted with Rover Metro travelling southbound. Speed of BMW at impact 90 mph, vehicle reported stolen 14-08-99. Female driver and baby passenger of Rover pronounced dead at scene. Details withheld pending relative contact. Male driver of BMW uninjured. Identified as Roscoe Philip Hatfield, 27, unemployed. History file> Hatfield, Roscoe Philip DOB 19-05-76. Previous convictions – motor vehicle theft, GBH, ABH. Currently banned driver. Held at YPU Broadmoor 12-03-97>24-03-98…

The Primary Psychopath

Primary psychopaths are the true psychopaths. When someone is asked to come up with a mental picture of a psychopath, it will, more than likely, be that of the primary psychopath. “He or she is unique: neither neurotic, psychotic, nor emotionally disturbed as commonly believed. Primary psychopaths are usually not volcanically explosive, violent, nor extremely destructive. They are more apt to be outgoing, charming, and verbally proficient” (Bartol, 1995,p.59). In other words, they are calm and collected. They can control their tempers and appear as though they have everything under control. Furthermore, primary psychopaths are held to be “callous, manipulative, massively selfish, and routinely untruthful…” (Levenson, Kiehl, Fitzpatrick, 1995, p.151). They are actors, meaning that they can convey with gusto and immense feeling almost anything they feel may warrant the emotion. However, it is just an act. While commonly attaining positions of influence, power and celebrity, primary psychopaths are incapable of experiencing any form of emotional content.

(Encyclopedia of Psychology)

Abstract: A new approach to the treatment of secondary and dyssocial psychopaths with a history of violence

JB Hoogstram and VK Smith
Henry Bafford Hospital, Glasgow

The ability of 27 patients with a history of violence and diagnosed as secondary and dyssocial psychopaths to respond to treatment was tested by subjecting them to Car Media Therapy (CMT). Patients underwent CMT for a period of 3 months. Results indicate that previous impulsive and spontaneously violent behaviour in 16 patients was measurably reduced. A corresponding increase in the interest in and preoccupation with car culture of these patients was observed.

(The Review of Psychiatry 238)

car n. small motor vehicle for carrying passengers (abbr. of motor car).

Abstract: Young psychopaths in special hospital: Car Media Therapy – treatment and outcome

G Boscombe, M Henderson and SK Singh
Newberry-Anderson Hospital, Manchester

BACKGROUND: The ‘Young Persons Unit’ (YPU) at Broadmoor Hospital offers psychotherapeutic treatment using Car Media Therapy (CMT) for young adult male patients with a history of violent and sexual offences. The study objective was to report background details, treatment and outcome of the unit’s personality disordered patients.

METHODS: The sample consisted of 92 patients, with the legal classification of secondary or dyssocial psychopathic disorder, treated on the unit for at least one year. Treatment involved sustained exposure to CMT. On a daily basis patients were subjected to a high level of audio, visual and written media on car culture – songs, films articles, advertisements and documentaries. Outcome was recorded until discharge from statutory supervision. Outcome measures were recidivism and a variety of social factors.

RESULTS: At follow-up 12 patients had reoffended, with four having committed serious violent or sexual offences. Two patients had died. A history of violent behaviour and/or sex offending combined with inability to secure a sustained and high level of car usage was the strongest predictor of subsequent reoffending. No patients with good social outcome and ability to secure a sustained and high level of participation in car culture reoffended.

CONCLUSION: Young patients with violent and or sexually predatory tendencies and diagnosed as secondary or dyssocial psychopaths can be successfully treated with CMT. The management of serious sex offenders in this group requires further attention however. Sustained CMT for a longer period may help to prevent future reoffending for this group.

(The Review of Psychiatry 240)

YPU Broadmoor: CMT Week 12 – The Celebrity Car Journalist (3) Jeremy Clarkson – Top Gear Magazine (Extract)

“Then there was this procession of modern stuff; Bentleys, Astons, Maseratis, Ferraris and so on, all of which drew squeals of joy from the boys and a noticeable swelling from some of their fathers. King of the hill was undoubtedly the TVR Speed Twelve that Tiff was driving. And what was this car exactly? Behind the engineering, it’s basically a big, purple boot in the face for the women in shawls who run around town centres crying about their dead window boxes.”

The Secondary, or Neurotic, Psychopath

Secondary psychopaths, to distinguish them from primary psychopaths, have severe emotional problems and would most likely be diagnosed as neurotic. They are often referred to as “acting-out neurotics, neurotic delinquents, symptomatic psychopaths, or simply neurotic characters” (Bartol, 1995, p.58). Their delinquency can be attributed to inner conflicts and psychological discord (Bartol, 1995). Levenson, Kiehl, and Fitzpatrick (1995) concur by saying that secondary, or neurotic, psychopaths have an emotional disorder (extreme impulsivity) that can account for their exhibiting antisocial behaviour, whereas a purely primary psychopath will exhibit no such disorder. Levenson, Kiehl, and Fitzpatrick (1995) further go on to say that although a primary psychopath is the “true” psychopath, secondary, or neurotic, psychopaths are the ones most likely to come into contact with law enforcement personnel.

(Encyclopedia of Psychology)

YPU Broadmoor: CMT Week 21 – The Automobile Road Test (162) BMW M5 – Auto Planet Magazine (Extract)

“From almost any angle, the Beemer looks the part. From the front, it’s all subdued, civilised aggression with a hint of raw menace. The hooded quad lamps give it a sinister look, topped off by that famous kidney grille. It’s this view you’re most likely to get (in your rear view mirror), apart, that is, from the back end – as this crazy ‘bahnstormer scythes past, giving you a brief look at the Five’s haughty but perfectly proportioned rump…”

YPU Broadmoor: CMT Week 33 – The Car Crash Test Result (2) BMW 5-series (Extract)

BMW modified the 5-series after initial testing, chiefly because its front airbags fired late. Changes included a new airbag crash sensor, load-limiting front belts, and additional weld points in the footwell. Results given here are for upgraded cars which BMW says are on sale now. In the frontal impact, the driver’s upper body was well protected, and the car meets side impact legislation effective from October. The head protection ‘bag worked well, too. Pedestrian protection was poor, however: the bonnet and bumper were judged to be particularly ‘aggressive’.

The Dyssocial Psychopath

Dyssocial psychopaths exhibit antisocial and aggressive behaviours they have learned from their culture in some way (Bartol, 1995). Dyssocial psychopaths can be said to have come about primarily due to Bandura’s Social Learning Theory and his model for observational learning. In other words, if a behaviour is modelled, the viewer is more likely in the future to display that behaviour when in similar situations. So, the dyssocial psychopath can attribute his antisocial behaviour on his culture and the society that surrounds him or her. They were effectively made antisocial by their environment. However, because of its diagnostic rarity in psychopathic individuals, not much information on dyssocial psychopathology was disclosed by the research articles for further discussion.

(Encyclopedia of Psychology)

YPU Broadmoor: CMT Week 36 -The Car Advertisement (137)

“How is it possible for a human to have unnatural feelings towards a car? The simple answer is that I don’t know. What I do know is that the chassis is lovingly constructed from bonded aluminium, clothed in a perfectly formed, lightweight body. With a wanton 2.2 litre Ecotec aluminium engine, the resulting power to weight ratio is enough to make any serious driver (or scientist) very excited indeed. Oh, how I thrilled at the sassy mid-engined rear-drive configuration that allowed me to throw it lustfully into every curve and, and…I’m sorry, if you want to know more, I suggest you call 0845…

(Advertisement for Vauxhall VX220)

love n. deep affection or fondness for person or thing.

Roscoe Philip Hatfield

“….slide into the seat I feel its contours grip my body like a lover clunk the door shut insert the key into the ignition churn churn churn hear that V8 fire up snick throbbing gear stick into first feather the throttle bring up the clutch oh mustn’t forget seatbelt fumble with the belt feel it tight across my stiff cock steering with knees click goes the belt shriek go the tyres as I stomp the throttle and let go of the clutch back end wriggles engine howling six thousand on the clock already snick to second back squats down again revs rise six again snick third away we go god I love this fucking car…”

YPU Broadmoor: CMT Week 40 – The Car Road Test (198) Rover Metro – Top Car Magazine

“Sometimes here at Top Car we like to test a car that’s anything but, just to remind our readers that there are still some truly nasty cars on sale. The Rover Metro is one such car. Driven by flat-capped old men, mothers on the school run and sad students, the Metro is a stylistic nightmare – a frumpy puddle-jumper with a crunchy gearbox, whiney engine and soggy suspension. It’s only redeeming feature is as sneer fodder for people with good taste in cars. If the Rover Metro was an animal, it would be humanely killed…”

YPU Broadmoor: CMT Week 47 – The Car Crash Test (13) Rover Metro (Extract)

The Rover Metro was awarded only one star for protection in frontal and side impact. However, with a little improvement it would move into the two-star category. In the frontal impact test, the head and loadings on both knees failed to meet the new criteria. Furthermore, the rearward and upward displacement of the steering wheel also failed to comply. Under side impact crash test conditions, loadings to the chest and abdomen were greater than those which are to be permitted by the future requirements. In frontal impact, the major problems related to excessive intrusion and instability of the passenger compartment.

YPU Broadmoor: CMT Week 49 – The Car Centred Cult Film (102) Bullitt (Peter Yates, 1968)

Repeat ten minute car chase featuring Steve McQueen in 1968 fastback Mustang GT 390 every twelve minutes for three hour period. Freeze frame and shuffle facility.

Roscoe Philip Hatfield

“…red light ahead throttle stomp third gear still accelerating six thousand ninety plus getting stiff yeah lots of small ones around at this time should get one working through the list pretty good whoosh fourth red light yeah there’s a small one…”

age n. historical or other distinct period.

Memo to UK Home Secretary from Home Office Minister Ian McKendrick, MP (Extract)

“…the figures show a consistent rise in violent and sexual crime over the past four years…the same figures show a corresponding decrease in police clear up rates for this type of crime, which in turn has resulted in increased public dissatisfaction with the Government. We know the link between sex and violence is already proven.

A number of recent studies (see Appendix 2) demonstrate that the perpetrators of violent and sexual crimes are significantly less likely to reoffend if they are subjected to high levels of Car Media Therapy (CMT), a treatment pioneered at Henry Bafford Hospital in Glasgow. Patients are subjected to high levels of CMT – car magazines, car advertisements, car documentaries, and car films – over a twelve month period, after which they assessed whether suitable for release.

The data shows that this treatment successfully channels violent/sexually violent impulses into the car culture. Pilot studies show that subjects generally refrain from reoffending if they are able to achieve and maintain financial parity with other members of society. The increasing level of violent and sexually violent crime is unsustainable from a political, social and financial perspective.

While a percentage of treated patients do go on to commit car related crime, the majority of such crime relates to car theft and speeding. We know that the public has a higher tolerance for car crime than for other types of crime – they accept it as part and parcel of life. The insurance and emergency services infrastructure are well able to deal with car crime, and the insurance industry will profit from an increase in it…”

YPU Broadmoor: CMT Week 50 – The Interactive Car Video Game (19)
RoadRager II

Play continuously for period of six hours in darkened room. Three sessions per day.

BBC reporter outside Old Bailey, London

“…and Roscoe Philip Hatfield has just been convicted of the murder of 27 people in what seems to be the first case of its type. Hatfield has a history of theft and violence, and spent twelve months in Broadmoor Hospital two years ago, where he was diagnosed as a psychopath with impulsively violent tendencies. Released after treatment, Hatfield was arrested last year after the stolen BMW he was driving crashed into a Rover Metro driven by 24 year Cheryl James. Cheryl and her 14 month old son David were both killed. When police arrived, they found Hatfield uninjured and masturbating in the smashed BMW. Despite this, police initially thought they were dealing with a simple case of speeding that went tragically wrong. Under police questioning however, Hatfield admitted to working through a list of “car types.” Police then searched Hatfield’s flat and found thousands of car magazines, car pictures, car brochures and car video games. Under cross examination in court this morning from prosecuting counsel John Haslett QC, Hatfield admitted that over a 16 month period he had stolen high performance BMWs for the sole purpose of hunting, as he put it, for prey – smaller, older family cars, such as Rover Metros and Ford Fiestas. Quite simply and chillingly, Hatfield would drive into these smaller cars at high speed with the deliberate aim of killing or maiming all on board. After impact, he would masturbate whilst strapped in the wreck of his stolen car, before making his escape.”

fetish n. object worshipped as magical by primitive peoples; thing evoking irrational devotion or respect; thing abnormally stimulating or attracting sexual desire.

Abstract: The clinical description of two hundred and sixty cases of car sexual fetishism

RG Heseltine
Barrow-Maudsley Hospital, London

This study surveys the transfer and discharge register of a large London teaching hospital over 12 months and presents data on its 260 cases of clinical Car Sexual Fetishism (CSF).

Of this total, 4 were diagnosed as primary psychopaths, 183 as secondary psychopaths and 48 as dyssocial psychopaths. The remaining 25 patients suffered from a variety of moderate to serious mood

disorders. An attempt was made to answer two questions: (1) What is the cause of CSF? (2) What are the clinical problems presented by CSF?

They have more to do with the perception of fetishes as personally or socially unacceptable than with ‘objective’ restrictions placed on sexual activity. The data have not enabled any conclusions to be drawn about the origin of this particular fetishist syndrome.

Certainly, a third or more of the sample also had moderate to extreme fetishes for clothes or rubber or rubber items, or wore or stole a fetish or fetishes; but this information is insufficient to allow one to assume that these patients had something significant in common, and leaves open the question of what more precisely each individual was attracted to and why.

(The Review of Psychiatry 430)

BBC reporter outside Old Bailey, London

“…uproar when, fifteen minutes into being cross examined, Hatfield began rocking on his heels, loudly and continuously impersonating the sound of a speeding car. This continued for several minutes before the he was taken to the cells. Returned to the dock later that afternoon, Hatfield showed no emotion as the judge, Mr. Justice Fennerman, pronounced sentence. Describing him as a dangerous psychopath, Justice Fennerman ordered that Hatfield be indefinitely detained in a secure unit at Her Majesty’s Pleasure. Asked if he wished to say anything, Hatfield replied in a loud monotone that he had finally become the car he had always wanted to be.”

YPU Broadmoor: CMT Week 52 – The Car Advertisement (358)

“Feel connected.”

(Advertisement for BMW)


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