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Sex Robots Must Die

11th December, 2022

AJ Stanton | 2021

The opening paragraph, the simple (but not simplistic) prose and the sardonic wisecrackery of the narrator can lull the reader into thinking that Sex Robots Must Die is a flimsy and lightweight affair.

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The Arcachon Continuum

26th May, 2022

My latest semi-autobiographical text appears in
Plutonics Journal, Volume XV, alongside many other good works of fiction, speculation, research and art. Read more

Burroughs and Scotland

7th June, 2021

Dethroning the Ancients: the commitment of exile | Chris Kelso | 2020

[posted 07-06-21]

And so, on to Burroughs and Scotland, in which Chris Kelso looks at the relationship between William S Burroughs (WSB) and the titular country, and El Hombre Invisible’s influence on Kelso and earlier generations of Scottish writers. Read more


31st May, 2021

D. Harlan Wilson | 2020

The first three words in Outré appear in the ZEROTH section. These first three words are: “Cast. Donny Ennui,”

The final three words in Outré appear in the BIBLIOGRAPHY: “All rights unnerved.’

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New story news

19th April, 2021

19-04-21. I recently heard from Ion Newcombe at Antipodean SF, who wants to publish my new short-short story A QUINDECILLION OF CAIN in Issue 274…thanks Ion. I was also asked if I’d like to have CAIN appear on Antipodean SF Radio…with me narrating. I said yes. Thanks Ion (I think)… Read more


10th April, 2021

Moving towards the locus solus
he observed the lingering homophobia of the town and the disapproval of McKendrick’s fluid flow. Read more

the sycamore tree

9th April, 2021

The sky blacked out.

It began to rain, but he didn’t move. Bigger droplets fell ever faster as he stood in front of his father’s grave. The stone darkened in seconds, even quicker than his clothes. Read more


5th April, 2021

There’s good news and there’s bad news with this, the debut novel from Neil Ayres.

The bad news is that Nicolo’s Gifts is both too long and too short. Read more

Apex Digest – Volume 1: Issue 7

5th April, 2021

Apex nearly died a while ago, which means that in a parallel world, this issue never appeared. Or in another parallel world, it did appear, but on Gliese 581c, as a William Morris wallpaper pattern, perhaps called Apex Red House, Pattern Number 7. Read more


18th February, 2021

Cards on the table.

I don’t believe that writing can be taught. As with painting (pictures you fool, not doorframes), writing is an art. It cannot be measured or accounted or explained, except by philistine dullards. Read more