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What kind of art do you create?

In addition to writing short fiction and reviews, I occasionally create 2D digital artworks. These are mostly (although not always) collages of digitised physical items, such as printed & handwritten text and analogue photographs, as well as digital photographs, images and AI art. Some of these pieces are inspired by my previously published short fiction, others are inspirations for new work – my visual and written art is closely linked.

Is your artwork available to purchase?

Yes, although I’m not at the stage yet (and I’m not sure I ever want to be) of being a soulless commercial seller of art. So, you won’t currently find any slick e-commerce here. If you see an image you like, simply enquire below.

How can I reach you?

The quickest way to reach me is via the contact form below. You can also attract my attention at Twitter and Instagram.

Image of Parkes 64 metre radio telescope
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Image of Parkes 64 metre radio telescope courtesy of CSIRO