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20th February, 2021
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waking at 3 am from bad time dreaming of those archetypal twisted Corinthian columns wrapped around my face suffocating autoerotic asphyxiation downstairs took some pills back to bed alarm woke me at 8 am struggled out of bed but things didn’t seem quite right floor was attached to springs wobbled felt sick went to bathroom image in mirror frightened an old lady with straggly grey hair wizened Mediterranean features stared back instead of me a 34 year old man staggered to the toilet and threw up nothing much just last nights pizza and the floor was going crazy now on a ship in a force 9 the wrong pills were taken so down the stairs but they seemed to go up and up but when the top was reached the bottom in the hallway was there this was really fun and water flowed from the ocean later ran back up the stairs but they seemed to go down even though when the bottom was reached the top appeared again so ran down again and the top appeared the downstairs hallway still waters run deep they run now oh yes suited up and almost ready gazing through west observation window sun swollen red neighbour in garden raking autumnal leaves or body parts his wife is missing into piles ready for burning rays from the same sun penetrate window enriching wall mounted print of Escher’s Castrovalva no people in this picture just barren hillside and empty buildings smell of cooking taurine smell my neighbour has butchered his wife and then this partner thing said to me why do you fucking write this shit

© Dan McNeil 2004