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James Holland | 2003
18th February, 2021
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You’re living on a small but strategically important island. It’s wartime. All around you is the enemy. Nearly every day for three years, hundreds of their planes relentlessly bomb you. For much of this time, all you have for defence are insufficient numbers of anti-aircraft guns and a few worn out fighter aircraft.

Supply convoys are relentlessly attacked by enemy warships, submarines and aircraft. Of the few ships that do make it through, most are destroyed as they unload food and supplies.

Your island – Malta – is the most bombed place on earth. Whoever controls it will probably win the Second World War. That’s why the Germans and Italians are hell bent on destroying you.

James Holland’s detailed and superbly written book tells the story of this terrible siege through the eyes of its defenders.

Gripping stuff and highly recommended.

©Dan McNeil 2003
[This review first appeared in Ink Magazine]